WinCatalog 2024.6 Crack & License Key Free Download

WinCatalog 2024.6 Crack & License Key Free Download

WinCatalog 2024.6 Crack is a genuinely feature-rich application, therefore it’s normal to expect drag-and-drop capabilities. Although the developer did not provide this option, it simplified the process of adding files to the list. You may also label your items, find duplicate files, add contacts, manage credit discs, and copy files from WinCatalog to another drive. Each catalog can also be exported as HTML or CSV files. You may change the appearance of your thumbnails by switching between grid and view modes. In general, WinCatalog is a useful tool for anyone who needs to find documents on the fly. The Windows task scheduler can automatically refresh your disk catalog. Seo PowerSuite Crack 

WinCatalog Crack

WinCatalog Crack is a very beneficial solution for anyone who needs to find documents on the fly. It includes a slew of beneficial features that make the entire search process simpler and faster. Looking for a dependable and powerful disk catalog program to organize your massive disk collection? WinCatalog disk cataloger is an excellent choice! Since then, it has been on the market. Create a catalog of all files saved on your disks automatically: WinCatalog will automatically extract ID3 tags from music files, Exif tags and thumbnails from photos, thumbnails and basic information from video files, e-books, archive file contents, thumbnails for images and PDF files, ISO files, and much more.

WinCatalog Crack & Latest Version 2024

WinCatalog Light supports CDs, DVDs, discs, hard drives, jazz and Zip discs, detachable and network drives, memory stick cards, and other storage media accessible via MS Windows drives. It has an intuitive user interface that helps you rapidly learn how to use this application. WinCatalog Key is a powerful yet simple disc catalog software that can be used for both disc and file cataloging. With WinCatalog Light, you can quickly discover the required file in your disc collection, even without inserting any portable disks. Our CD cataloger saves all files and directories stored on a drive and uses this information to locate the required files. WinCatalog may also be used to locate duplicate files

WinCatalog is a powerful cataloging tool for drives, files, folders, and other non-file items. It can be difficult to remember where you put certain files on your computer, especially if you have a huge collection of CDs and DVDs. If you are one of those users, having the correct tool to work on that task is important. Because of its basic user interface, this program is also accessible to less experienced users. You can either enter the file name or use other filters, such as file size or tags, to get more precise results, or search by location or date. It includes multi-tabbed capabilities, allowing you to work on multiple queries at the same time. AnyTrans Crack 

WinCatalog Crack & Keygen Free Download 2024

WinCatalog is a professional disk, file, folder, and non-file object cataloger. Export any folder to a.CSV file for use in MS Excel or other applications. WinCatalog License Key is a software program that creates an index of documents and data on your computer so that you can find them quickly. Because of its easy interface, even inexperienced users may master this program. The application runs swiftly and appropriately displays the contents of your folders while preserving the hierarchical folder structure. You can save file attributes and preview them in the right pane. Searches can be conducted over the whole collection using WinCatalog’s built-in search engine. STOPzilla AntiMalware Crack

WinCatalog is a multi-purpose program for cataloging disks, files, folders, and non-file items. It can be difficult to locate specific files on your computer, especially if you have a large collection of CDs and DVDs. And, regardless of the size of your record collection, you’ll always have access to a well-organized file catalog. WinCatalog’s integrated search engine allows it to search the whole collection. Enter the file name to get more specific results, such as size, tags, location, and date, or use other filters. It also offers multi-tab support, allowing you to work on many searches at the same time. HD Video Converter Factory Pro Crack 

Key Features:

  • Because of full Unicode compatibility, WinCatalog disc catalog software accurately handles all names and titles regardless of language.
  • Individual drives, folders, and files can be added to your catalog.
  • All file formats are indexed, including the extraction of additional information (archive, pictures, images, videos, music, e-books, PDF, HTML, and text).
  • There are an infinite amount of disks, directories, and files.
  • Create virtual folders and move stuff among them.
  • Manage tags and link them to specific files, disks, or folders.
  • Use simple natural queries or advanced search operators to find what you’re looking for.
  • The ability to narrow down search results.
  • Find duplicate files – the capability of locating duplicate files by matching one or more fields or checking the quantity.
  • Several searches are being conducted at the same time.
  • Exporting and publishing your catalog in XML, HTML, or CSV (MS Excel).
  • Command-line arguments are used for basic automation.
  • When the content on the DVD changes, update it.
  • Browse the catalog in grid or thumbnail mode.
  • The properties panel provides detailed information on files, drives, and folders.
  • Directly from WinCatalog, launch the files or copy them to another drive.
  • You will save time by using the Insert Disc dialog.
  • Manage loaned drives and contacts.
  • Manage locations to make it easier to find drives.
  • SQL databases provide limitless data storage.
  • Image file thumbnails should be saved.
  • Unicode and UTF-8 languages are fully supported.
  • The ability to save the name of the file’s location.
  • It enables you to categorize and index all of your files, whether they are on your hard drive or any portable storage medium such as a CD, DVD, or USB drive.

More Features:

  • It is capable of cataloging specific folders on disks.
  • WinCatalog offers a simple and user-friendly design that will allow you to get the most out of this application.
  • The interface is multilingual.
  • In the Windows environment, catalog all accessible storage devices.
  • A directory of separate disk folders.
  • Get the titles of audio CD tracks from an online CD database.
  • Non-Archived Item Support: Catalogs your books, videos, and even stamps and money!
  • Each item has its own comments: disk, folder, or file.
  • Drag’n’Drop functionality for managing your collection in virtual folders.
  • A powerful search tool that allows you to employ AND, NOT, OR operators as well as wildcards.
    Search through an entire directory or a single drive.
  • Remove any extraneous files and directories from the directory.
  • Export any folder to a.CSV (Comma Separated Values) file for use in MS Excel or other applications.
  • When the application starts, it automatically opens the most recently used directory.
  • You can use Drag’n’Drop to organize your virtual folder collection.
  • You may also use WinCatalog to add tags to your things, discover duplicate files, add contacts, manage borrowed drives, and copy files to another drive.
  • The ability to use AND, NOT, OR, and wildcard operators provides powerful search functionality.
  • It can delete unneeded files and directories from the catalog.
  • It may export and import sections of the collection and contact list.
  • Ability to generate HTML reports for sending, posting on the web, or printing.
  • And so much more…

WinCatalog Crack


  • The MiniTool Partition Wizard simplifies disk management principles, allowing users to optimize data storage in a safe and secure manner.


  • Some graphical user interface features and options necessitate software updates.

System Requirements

  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 are supported.
  • Memory (RAM) needed: 1 GB RAM is required.
  • Hard drive space is required: A minimum of 250 MB of free hard disk space is required.
  • Intel Dual Core processor or later is required.
  • Admin privileges.

What’s New?

  • It features a bilingual user interface.
  • Win Catalog will scan and index your hard drives once.
  • WinCatalog is available for free download. Creates a catalog of your hard drives, files, and folders automatically.
  • Using labels (categories), virtual folders, and custom fields, you can organize your catalog of disks, files, and folders.
  • Use a powerful search to locate exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Bug fixes and enhancements.
  • This program now has a plethora of advanced capabilities.
  • When the application starts, it can immediately open the most recent catalog.
  • Individual disk folders.
  • When scanning a hard drive, automatically extract archive file descriptions.
  • Get the audio CD track names from the Internet CD database.
  • Unfiled Item Support – Catalog your books, videos, stamps, and coins!
  • Individual remarks for each item in the catalog 2018 crack: disk, folder, or file
  • Drag and drop functionality for moving your collection between virtual folders.
  • To improve search relevancy, each item is a keyword.
  • The filename of the catalog, the comment and keywords, the date, and the size.
  • Strong search capability with the ability to employ AND, NOT, and OR placeholders and operators.
  • Search over the entire catalog or a single hard disk.

How To Install/Crack?

  • First, get the WinCatalog Crack from the link provided below.
  • Then launch and execute the setup.
  • To install it, select the button option.
  • The installation procedure began.
  • Complete the installation procedure.
  • It’s all done. Enjoy 😍.


WinCatalog’s built-in search engine allows it to execute searches over the whole collection. Simply enter the file name or use other filters such as size, tags, location, and date for more precise results. It has multi-tabbed support, so you may work on multiple searches at the same time. It includes a slew of useful tools that simplify and expedite the entire search process. WinCatalog Light analyzes the contents of Zip files, adds them to the catalog, extracts p3, and HTML file descriptions for disc scanning, and collects audio CD track names from the Internet to optimize data display.

WinCatalog is a software program that helps you quickly find documents and data on your computer by generating an index. If you’re one of these users, it’s important to have the correct tools for the job. Windows Task Scheduler may automatically update your device directory. Because it respects your system’s hierarchical organizational structure, the program responds quickly and correctly displays the contents of your folders. To the catalog, you can add a fixed or removable drive, certain folders, or individual files. Virtual folders and customs items are simple to build. The program runs swiftly and appropriately displays the contents of your folders by preserving the hierarchical folder structure.